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DELTA-Scan veterinary

DELTA-Scan veterinary is a new development based on the well-known DELTA-Scan system, aimed especially at veterinary medicine.

This means that veterinarians and veterinarians can now also receive the full range of diagnostic and therapeutic options with DELTA-Scan.

The DELTA-Scan software has been adapted and the hardware completely integrated into a robust, autonomous case solution.

Further information can be found here: LINK
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DELTA-Scan Videos

In the registered users' area of our homepage you can now watch videos demonstrating the use of DELTA-Scan. 

They can be found in the top menu at Products -> DELTA-Scan -> Videos.

If you are already logged in, you can reach them by clicking this link: Videos

Search therapists

New: Now patients can search for DELTA-Scan therapists directly on our homepage. 

Start your search here: Link!

Should you be a therapist and wish to appear in this list, contact us!

Financing or Leasing?

Our leasing partner, Archimedes Leasing GmbH, gives a quick and simple explanation about the advantages of leasing against classic financing.

Click here: LINK

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